NP Quote Request WooCommerce: How to save products as quote items in bulk.

You can make products to be quote items in bulk in a couple of ways. In the WooCommerce->settings->RFQ-Toolkit general setting. Under MISC options ( see screenshots below).

  1. If you want to just make everything RFQ enabled, then use option 1 and select to enable all products. This would enable “All” the products which is probably not what you want.
  2. You can select by category.
    1. Select the categories for the products you want enabled in option 3.
    2. Select option 2 and save settings.
    3. All the existing products in the categories you selected, will be activated. Any new product in those categories will also be activated automatically.
    4. You can manually in-activate for individual products within those categories.

If your products categories are not setup to do this easily. Create a new category, “Quote” for example, apply that categories to all the products you want to activate. Then use option b and c above on that category. You can read here how to apply a category to products in bulk.