About Us

About Us

Who are we?

We are a small WooCommerce development team that loves working to help customers solve their business problems using affordable and targeted technology. Our home base is in Chattanooga, close to the beautiful Tennessee River. We love where we live and stay busy working to help our customers and solve problems.


What is our professional background and experience?

Together, our professional background stretches across a broad range of activities including software development, accounting, team management, E commerce and Fulfillment. We have worked extensively in non-profit, municipal, and for-profit venues.  And we also have a mix  of blue collar and office experience on the team. We have worked with Chambers of Commerce, municipal economic development agencies, and homeless shelters along with hands-on experience in E commerce and  Fulfillment.

What is our biggest strength?

We are responsive to customer needs. A big part of our goals is for you to be able to use our plugins to achieve your goals regarding your site and business. So we are always looking for new features to add, and new ways to make our plugins help you succeed. We aim to solve real problems for customers.


We are very dedicated to creating high quality products and maintaining them with high quality support. It does no good to have a great product with many wonderful features if it isn’t maintained with support. We also update our plugins to keep up with WordPress and WooCommerce.

What are our goals for the future?

We would like to continue helping our customers by continuing to improve our products. We will keep working to extend the capabilities of WordPress and WooCommerce using open source technologies to help our customers solve problems.

Neah Plugins team is dedicated to serving our customers.