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Quote Request WooCommerce Plus is a comprehensive solution for quote request and lead generation. Engage with your customers and get leads!

NP Quote Request WooCommerce Plus is an easy to configure quote request plugin that turns your WooCommerce shopping cart into a lead generation systems. This is an extension to our free plugin NP Quote Request WooCommerce, quote request for WooCommerce. 


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Customers want the ability to negotiate. You can differentiate yourself from your competitors by empowering your customers to negotiate and increase your sales!

NP Quote Request WooCommerce Plus can be used in a variety of store setups. You might have a formal lead generation process such as:Orders

  • Customer requests a quote.
  • You send back an estimate along with proposal back to the customer.
  • Customer pays or negotiates back and forth.

NP Quote Request WooCommerce creates an order upon receiving the quote request with “Quote Request” status. Notifications are sent by changing the order status from “Quote Request” to “Quote Sent” and the order becomes payable. All these events are accompanied with email notifications. You can see the status of your leads in the orders list.

You can also see the status of your leads in the dashboard for quick reference.

You can use NP Quote Request WooCommerce Plus in multiple ways:

  • Customers submit the whole cart as a quote request. The only option at WooCommerce checkout is a quote request.
  • Customer can either pay or request a quote at WooCommerce checkout.
  • Customer can either pay or request a quote at WooCommerce checkout with a minimum purchase requirement. Below that amount customers can only purchase.
  • You can designate certain products for quote request. If customer adds any of those items in the cart then the whole cart can only be submitted as a quote request. Otherwise, they checkout normally.
  • You can designate only certain roles the ability to view prices and purchase normally at WooCommerce checkout. Other roles can only request a quote and can not view prices.
  • You can designate certain products for quote request. Customer can request a quote for those items using a quote request page and purchase other items like they normally would in the WooCommerce checkout.

When a customer requests a quote, there is your chance to tell customer more about the product or service. You can set up marketing material ahead of time for each product or service in the product setup:

This information is presented to the customer in the thank you page and email confirmation. You can repeat this for as many as products you like or you can just attach generic marketing information or do both!

NP Quote Request WooCommerce is an easy to configure plugin that turns your WooCommerce shopping cart into an Quote Request  system. It can be easily adjusted it to suit your quoting needs. This is an extension to our free plugin NP Quote Request WooCommerce.
Please Download Free Version and try the free version since it is a pre-requisite for this plugin. You can also use the free version to check compatibility with your existing WooCommerce setup. Quote Request Plus is the premium version that adds more features and customization options to the basic version.


  • Integration with WooCommerce Product Addons Plugin.
  • Customize the quote request page for normal checkout.
  • Shop manager can write a proposal to the customer in the quote request, optionally include a link to “pay” and link to “respond” and save the order status as “Quote Sent”. This triggers an email, notifying the customer of the quote along with the proposal. Customer can respond to the proposal and add a response(note) which notifies the shop manager.

Quote Request Toolkit Plus Part One


  • Order status report in dashboard for “Quote Requests” and “Quotes Sent”. You can customize the labels for the custom statuses in the Quote Request Toolkit settings page.
  • Quote cart widget in the normal check.
  • Change the “reply to” in emails to admin to be the customer’s email.
  • Setup products by category.
  • Customize color, background color and mouse effects of the quote button.
  • Add to quote short code.
  • Add custom fields to your checkout page using a Ninja Form.
    • Compatible with Ninja Forms version 3.0.
    • Supports the free standard fields included with Ninja Forms 3.0.(Premium extensions are not gauranteed to work with our plugin and are not supported. File upload is not compatible with this plugin. For file upload please check our File Upload plugin.)
    • Note: The form is only used to capture data entered by the users for the quote request. Ninja Form Actions are not triggered. Notification email should be turned off.
    • A submit button is required to be included in the form.
    • “CUSTOM NAME ATTRIBUTE” must be blank. Ninja Form sometimes(e.g city, zip) adds a value to “CUSTOM NAME   ATTRIBUTE” when you add a field. Please blank out that value. This is found in the ADVANCED section of the field settings.
  • Add custom HTML content to the top and bottom of the quote request page.
  • Designate additional fields as required for visitors such as phone, zip, state.
  • Choose to allow create an account or disable.
  • RFQ Enable or disable all products in bulk. Useful if you use the “normal checkout” and have a lot of products.
  • RFQ Enable or disable all products in a category. Useful if you use the “normal checkout” and have a lot of products.
  • Plugin can operate in 2 modes: Request for quote checkout and normal checkout.
  • In “RFQ Checkout” , you can optionally allow customer to pay now or submit a quote request at Checkout. Allows either “Checkout or Request quote” for the entire cart.
  • With “Checkout or Request quote” you can limit by minimum purchase ( quote request available above a minimum).
  • With “Checkout or Request quote” you can limit by allowing either quote request or purchasing depending on the products in the cart.
  • Send custom content with the confirmation and proposal email. Customize the content even further based on each product.
  • Accept customer bids while submitting quotes.

Quote Request Toolkit Part Two: Email, Content Marketing & Dashboard

Quote Request Toolkit Part 3: Custom Form


  • As a customer you will have access to our prioritized product support.
  • Does it work with my theme or other plugins? Please try the free version . The free version can give you a good idea if it works with your theme or other plugins. If it it does not let us know and send us a link to the plugin if it is a free plugin/theme on We can check and let you know if it works in the premium version. We support the free version also, so you can ask us questions on forum.

Read What Our Customers Say About Us!

Fast support

We have been using the request for quote pro for some years now. Even though we only use a fraction of the available functions, we are very happy with the software and support. As an example, we ran into an error due to custom cookie limitations with our host rendering an error with the elementor editor and rfq. Developers at Neah were able to solve this by pushing an update within 12 hours after our notification.

Arno Werter

Excellent plugin

Excellent plugin! The support from Neah Plugins has been great!

Derek Quave

Excellent Control, Excellent Service

I use the free version of the RFQ-Toolkit on a few different sites and it is a simple and easy to use control for my needs. I got an error when I updated woocommerce once and sent it in and they had the correction done immediately.

Chris Crowle

Robust Product, Robust Service

RFQ has given my client the ability to easily manage her custom quotes and order in once place. When we needed assistance with an issue. The team worked tirelessly to satisfy our needs for launch. I hope you trust your business with this product and team.

Michael Vici

Great Solution, Support – Client Happy

I was looking for a request for quote RFQ plugin that was comprehensive enough to use as a reservation request platform. This was by far the best solution I found. It’s well thought out, easy to use and style and best of all well supported. That’s the number one key with any plugin is support. These guys listened to my needs and met them quickly. Although the client site is still in development I showed it to them and they were thrilled with that they saw. I’m excited to get this project completed and in the hands of the community to use.

Jeff San George

Best RFQ Solution Available

Of all the RFQ plugins I’ve vetted, RFQ Toolkit was the best out there. Users can easily submit quote requests and shop managers can reply from directly within the site. Support has also been fast and very personalized. RFQ Toolkit allowed me to deliver to my client at a price that other developers could not and we are very satisfied.

Seva Bokov

From a dev’s perspective: Fantastic support. Very kind, patient and helpful.

While developing a site for a client, I was running into some unexpected issues with quote requests. The site I was working on was set up on a unique framework, a bit different than your standard WordPress site. A developer from Neah Plugins reached out and helped me diagnose and fix all of the problems I was having with the plugin. He was always very quick to respond, very kind and didn’t back down until the problem was fixed.

Matt Tanner


Had an issue with this amazing plugin on a website we are developing for a client, contacted support and had the issue resolved within hours! Can’t rate this plugin and its support staff highly enough! 100/100

Peter Hamilton

Amazing and Simple to use Plugin with Awesome Support

I have used NP Quote Request Plugin (FREE Version) on 3x client sites and love the simplicity of converting WooCommerce to a Catalogue/Get A Quote System. Simply click 2 or 3 check-boxes and done 🙂

The last site I had a technical issue; which Cyrus from NeahPlugins resolved for me within a day or two and in the end it wasn’t even the NP Quote Request Plugin at fault. Awesome Support and Great Plugin!

Duane Reeve

Great Product Great Customer Service

I needed a request for quote plugin that would allow flexibility to use a regular cart or a request for quote module. This was the perfect fit and Cyrus was so great at helping me out. Highly recommend.

Beth Bucciferro

Hi,The plugin works wonderfully. I’m


The plugin works wonderfully. I’m very happy to use it, if you have any questions, super fast response from support !

Thnx a lot for your work.



Above and Above the Call of Developers!!

The team is FANTASTIC! They went above what needed to be done to make sure their plug-in worked flawlessly with my other plug-ins. Even to the extent of releasing another update to get it going. KUDOS to the team, and we definitely recommend them hands down!


Legendary support

Cyrus was phenomenally helpful and did all that was possible to assist in getting me up and running on a site.

Josh Sack

Clearly thought-out, feature-rich, and well-supported

We’ve adopted the Neahplugins RFQ-Toolkit and it has dramatically changed our sales process. By having the customers create RFQ requests directly on our store, we’ve reduce errors, reduced data-entry time, and increased quote requests. This has directly contributed to an increase in sales.

This plugin is well-designed and has more options than any other RFQ plugin that we tested (5-6 others). The real selling point for us was the “RFQ Mode”, which uses the normal WooCommerce shopping cart as the quoting cart, instead of a separate cart. This makes things simple for the customer and, most importantly, allows it to support a wide range of other plugins such as the Measurement Price Calculator, Composite Products, Product Add-ons, etc. NONE of the other RFQ plugins have that capability at the moment.

We did find a few issues and submitted feature requests and all of them were promptly answered within 24 hours with satisfying resolutions.

I would highly recommend this plugin!

Rustom Jehangir

Love the Plugin and the Service

Neah Plugins built a great plugin, and their customer service after the purchase is top notch.


A great service

I’m really happy with the team.

The plugin offers a lot of possibilities to adapt to any situation and is very customizable.

But the strongest point is a customer service worthy of the name. Despite my many requests, the responsiveness of support is impressive and efficient. Always present to provide a quality service.

I do not regret in any way and warmly recommend their plugins with my eyes closed.

Thank you to all the team for your investment.

Nicolas BOUET

Awesome support

I have been using the NP Quote Request WooCommerce Plus for a long time and it has been excellent. Recently, I noticed we had an issue with the shipping not showing up in our emails. Cyrus helped me fix the issue, which was not related to the plugin, but WooCommerce.

Definitely worth every penny.

Lyle Brous

The most impressive we have found

We wanted a quotation plugin and this is the most impressive we have found.

The support is outstanding and very patient even before you buy it and willing to answer any question.

It has many options to use and is more than just a quotation plugin!

Harris Karanikolas

Exactly what we were looking for

This plugin was exactly what we’ve been trying to find so customers can request quotes on specific custom built products. The support offered after purchase has been over and above. Thank you so much.

Jared Ochs

Great Plugin and Service

We have been using this plugin since 2019 and it is an amazing plugin integrated into WooCommerce. It enables RFQ as a payment option in the WooCmmerce tab. You can use the platform to send you itemized quote requests from your customers and you have the option of showing pricing or not, and to send customized quotes.

I need to mention the IMPECCABLE customer support from the Neah Plugins Team… a developer by the name of Cyrus in particular for their unwavering help when we had a recent problem (it was a hosting conflict with GoDaddy, not the fault of Neah Plugins. Cyrus stuck with us for days, helping us troubleshoot until our technical problem was resolved. The solution worked like a charm.

NP QUOTE REQUEST is the GO-TO PLUGIN for those who require an RFQ to generate leads rather than a traditional payment system. Once you set it up (which is quite easy) you are good to go. Thank you Cyrus and the Neah Plugins team!!

Luis Hernandez

Impeccable service

Very responsive support and a very complete plugin! what more. a big thank you to Cyrus who solved my problem in record time. I highly recommend this plugin!


Just awesome!

Great plugin, awesome support.

Had a few issues when starting using this plugin but it was fixed in a few hours! Keep up the good work.


Stability and Service

We have used other quote plugins, but RFQ from Neah Plugins beats them hands down.
Very stable and great support. They went above and beyond to ensure that shipping was showing correctly on our quotes. The fact that you can use the quote to highlight other products is a bonus.

Liam Mac Réamoinn

Responsive support

I spent last two months trying to implement RFQ for my client’s website using another plugin, but I was getting no where. I made the executive decision to switch to RFQ-ToolKit Plus For WooCommerce and started from scratch. Lo and behold, not only I was finally able to implement what client wants, I managed to get some help from Neah Plugins to improve some features! This experience further enforces my belief: no matter how good a product is, it is the support team behind it that makes the difference. Neah Plugins has shown me that!

Dean Loh

Support for RFQ Plugin

This is a great plugin with a great support team. Neah addressed a specific concern I had for my website and resolved my issue within 24 hours.

Lindsay Connelly
Linden Digital Marketing, LLC

Great, lightning fast support!

Great, lightning fast support! They always take care of plugin issues immediately. Highly rated!

Paul Damon

Great plugin Excellent support

We use this every day for our sales process. My staff loves this tool and they gives us excellent support. This i sa must have for tracking and quoting. Lots of versatility and option. Support is always there to answer questions fast and help fix any little items that pop up along the way. Keep up the great work.

Chris L

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