Clearly thought-out, feature-rich, and well-supported

We’ve adopted the Neahplugins RFQ-Toolkit and it has dramatically changed our sales process. By having the customers create RFQ requests directly on our store, we’ve reduce errors, reduced data-entry time, and increased quote requests. This has directly contributed to an increase in sales.

This plugin is well-designed and has more options than any other RFQ plugin that we tested (5-6 others). The real selling point for us was the “RFQ Mode”, which uses the normal WooCommerce shopping cart as the quoting cart, instead of a separate cart. This makes things simple for the customer and, most importantly, allows it to support a wide range of other plugins such as the Measurement Price Calculator, Composite Products, Product Add-ons, etc. NONE of the other RFQ plugins have that capability at the moment.

We did find a few issues and submitted feature requests and all of them were promptly answered within 24 hours with satisfying resolutions.

I would highly recommend this plugin!