Great Plugin and Service

We have been using this plugin since 2019 and it is an amazing plugin integrated into WooCommerce. It enables RFQ as a payment option in the WooCmmerce tab. You can use the platform to send you itemized quote requests from your customers and you have the option of showing pricing or not, and to send customized quotes.

I need to mention the IMPECCABLE customer support from the Neah Plugins Team… a developer by the name of Cyrus in particular for their unwavering help when we had a recent problem (it was a hosting conflict with GoDaddy, not the fault of Neah Plugins. Cyrus stuck with us for days, helping us troubleshoot until our technical problem was resolved. The solution worked like a charm.

NP QUOTE REQUEST is the GO-TO PLUGIN for those who require an RFQ to generate leads rather than a traditional payment system. Once you set it up (which is quite easy) you are good to go. Thank you Cyrus and the Neah Plugins team!!