NP WooCommerce – QuickBooks Desktop Assistant

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NeahPugins WooCommerce – QuickBooks Desktop Assistant is a flexible and powerful solution for syncing your data with QuickBooks! 
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    • Export customers from WooCommerce to QuickBooks.
    • Update customer info in QuickBooks when customer info is changed in WooCommerce.
    • Export your WooCommerce orders to  as sales orders or sales receipts.
    • Export your WooCommerce inventory to QuickBooks. You can choose the following types for the export:
      1. Inventory Part
      2. Inventory Assembly
      3. Non-Inventory
      4. Service
  • Optionally, periodically update prices and quantity on-hand in WooCommerce from QuickBooks.
  • Optionally, update prices and quantity on-hand in QuickBooks from WooCommerce.

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Quick Setup Instructions

Create a QuickBooks Connector. The web connector connects your website to the QuickBooks software. The website and the QuickBooks can be on different servers. But the web connector must be copied to the same server where QuickBooks is installed. Fill out the form below and generate the web connector. After you submit the form, you are prompted to download the web connector.

Save and copy the web connector to the computer where QuickBooks is installed. Double click on the web connector and enter the user id and password that you just entered to create the web connector. The Web connector must be started each time you want to sync data between WooCommerce and QuickBooks. You can configure the web connector to do this automatically periodically. You can choose the number of minutes(60 minutes is recommended)

After the web connector is setup and running you will need to complete the setup process.

Provide the plugin with information about your QuickBooks setup.

The Assistant, can collect all the information from your QuickBooks after the web connector is successfully installed and connected to the website. You do however need to provide some information to let the plugin know how you prefer to export your WooCommerce data to QuickBooks.

Provide information about items and accounts in QuickBooks.


Provide information about how to map payment methods from WooCommerce to QuickBooks.


Next Provide the tax mapping information between WooCommerce and QuickBooks.




Provide information about how to export your products/services to QuickBooks.


You can view the export status of products in the products admin page.



Provide information about how to export your customers to QuickBooks.



Provide information about how to export your customers to QuickBooks.







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