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NP WooCommerce Quote Request “Add to Quote” Shortcode

With Plus version, in the normal checkout mode you can create a “add to quote” button with [gpls-woo-rfq-quote-button product_id=’115′ show_image=’yes’ image_size=’thumbnail’ show_title=’yes’ div_width=’200px’].
The sizes include thumbnail,shop_thumbnail, shop_catalog and shop_single.
The resulting image size depends on your shop settings for these images. The short code does not resize the image.

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How to have a custom form for each product or service in the NP WooCommerce Quote Request?

If you need a form ( or different forms for different types of products) in the product page, then if you can use the powerful WooCommerce product Add-Ons (which requires the Plus version) or our simple product extra fields. product extra fields does not requires the Plus version

The advantage of WooCommerce product add-on is you can attach a price to the extra fields. With extra fields, you cannot assign a price to the extra options or fields. Please note that in product page, the form is attached to that line item in the quote. By contrast the forms in the checkout pages, are attached to the whole order

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Always include shipping address in quote emails

You can force the shipping address to show in the WooCommerce Quote Request plugin by checking this option in the proposal tab:

Please note: This will not add a shipping method to the order. It will only force the shipping address to show in the Quote emails sent to the customer and the store manager. Shipping method can be selected normally by the customer if you are in the RFQ mode. In the “normal mode”, the admin has to apply the shipping in the order edit screen.